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Everybody can VTuber anytime anywhere!

Liberating you from the expensive mocap hardware and complicated software


Bridging the new virtual production pipeline with traditional film-making knowhow

Zukunft Works resolves such issues by investing in a software plugin Morecap®, working both on Unity and Unreal, with an easy to use GUI and incorporated with many features used in making the life of virtual human performer easier.  We have also integrated the traditional hardware box type of video splitter becoming part of the software itself.  All such efforts are making the real-time performance becomes easier and ever more productive.


Intuitive GUI for just anybody

Simply select your desired character and scene, connecting with your choice of mocap hardware. You are ready to go!

Extremely affordable mocap hardware

Kapture is your choice of getting started!

Carefully thought through production pipeline

Set up several camera angles in the Multiple mode. Smooth transition for live broadcasting!

Support multiple virtual human performance

VTubers can be on stage in the same time. Becareful where the trend is going!


Morecap is compatible to multiple mocap hardware brands

Integration of motion capturing hardware from various brands are fully tested and the list keeps increasing. The aim is to create a hybrid motion capturing capability for Morecap® which allows Virtual Human performer the flexibility of choosing various mocap hardware depending on their then available budget or location selected; it can be the optical mocap worth hundred of thousands of dollars, or the relatively affordable sensor type mocap equipment.


In expectation of more and more virtual human performers will be emerging, across East and West, taking the advantage of technology improvement.  We have co-worked with major industry OEM to create an even more affordable, blue-tooth based sensor type mocap called Kapture®. Such device dramatically reduce the initial investment needed for virtual human performer to start their very 1st episode. More details are to be found in the specification page. 


Dramatic upfront cost reduction for any new VTuber!

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