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About Zukunft Works

Our Team

Zukunft Works is a young team with strong enthusiasm on virtual human. As the required technology to drive the performance of virtual human are getting ready and matured.  We figure it is right timing to contribute our share to really liberate the motion capturing technology to allow more creators to enjoy doing what they are good at: creating better stories by performative animation.


Performance of virtual human has been relying on the same technology used in Hollywood film production for a long time. However those used in major film production might just not be suitable for the increasing popular virtual human performance known as Virtual Youtuber in Japan.  


In recent years we are seeing motion capturing and character puppeteering technology improved year by year. New start-ups are aiming to make the virtual human performance easier, but usually end up in negative result due to lack of integration on software and hardware used or improved. This is where Zukunft Works committed to improve for the entire industry.

Our Vision

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