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2022 Tokyo Inter BEE

After 3 years, Inter BEE 2022 will be held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan on November 16-18. It is the largest media and entertainment exhibition in Japan.

We bring our major software, VT Live 4.0 to join this major event. Our booth will be located in Hall 7 Booth 7508.

We have invited famous Japanese VTuber Shizuku Fuyumori to join and introduce new features such as VT chatroom to VTuberindustry.


In the past, if multiple VTubers were to perform together on the same screen, post-production was needed or production teams must move to the same location.
However, the powerful VT Chatroom function enabled remote joint performance.
Time and cost consuming post-production or production teams would no longer need to travel.

This new function will be the bridge between cross-industry performance and creation will be easier for both individual VTubers and VTubers belonging to management companies. Let’s open up the future for VTuber together.

We strongly wish you to visit us at Inter BEE and experience various creation possibilities and this breakthrough new function with us.

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Interview: Christopher
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